Wheel Alignment in Marcus Hook, PA

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Is your vehicle pulling to the side when you drive, and you really just wanted to move straight ahead? Are you fighting with the steering wheel to keep the car straight, and all you wanted was a peaceful drive? Are the tires showing wear in some spots, but not in others? Perhaps your wheels are not properly aligned. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, don’t keep waiting. Let Rick’s Auto Repair in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, diagnose and correct the problem for you. It won’t get better on its own, and you could be putting your safety at risk or causing further damage to your car’s suspension system. At the very least, your excessive tire wear and poor fuel economy will continue until the problem is addressed. Located at 7 11th Street, Rick’s is your best choice for wheel alignment services in the greater Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, area. We’re convenient to Garnett Valley, Media, Glen Mills, and Booth Wynn, as well. Call us at (610) 485-1133 or use our online scheduling system to make an appointment. We employ ASE certified technicians, and we back our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. We’ll even throw in a free loaner car if needed to make your experience with us as convenient as it is professional and courteous.

What Is It?

When you need a wheel alignment, you can feel confident that our certified technicians will have your vehicle performing properly. We determine the proper alignment method according to the kind of vehicle you have. If you drive an all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive with an adjustable rear suspension, you will need to have all the wheels aligned. Usually, others need only a front-wheel alignment. German car owners should be particularly mindful of having a wheel alignment performed by an experienced technician. Most Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mini, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, models have an independent suspension system where each wheel reacts independently.

Whatever type of vehicle you drive, wheel alignment involves the same thing: squaring the axles and wheels such that the mechanic similarly orients the moving parts. This entails adjusting camber, caster, toe, and thrust, the major suspension angles. Camber is the amount of right or left tilt, while the caster is the slope of the line that might be drawn through the upper and lower ball joints. This imaginary slope affects steering. Toe alludes to the difference in distance between the back and front of the front tires. Thrust is the relationship of the front wheels to the rear axle. Your steering wheel is centered, your steering is straight, and your wheels move as intended once proper alignment is completed.

Why Do I Need It?

Life happens to your vehicle, too! If you’ve been in an accident or hit some deep potholes, you might need a wheel alignment. You may even decide to start off right with that new set of tires to ensure maximum tread life. You can actually save money by having an alignment performed because it improves fuel mileage, extends tire usability, and prevents costly repairs. Further, your ride is more enjoyable and safer. Make an appointment with Rick’s Auto Repair in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. We’re open to serve you Monday through Thursday.