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Wheel Alignment Technology 101

A wheel alignment is important for extending the life of your vehicle and staying safe when you’re behind the wheel. This service keeps your car’s wheels and axles at the proper angles to keep them driving straight. While you should have your wheels aligned every two years or so, you might need to do it sooner.

Thankfully, the automotive repair specialists at Rick’s Auto Repair in Marcus Hook, PA, are here to help! We use the latest technology to keep your car driving in the right direction.

Here is everything you need to know about our wheel alignment technologies.


To give your car the best wheel alignment results possible, we need to accurately measure the four important angles of its alignment, including the camber, caster, thrust, and toe. This helps our team determine if the wheels are unbalanced, crooked, tilted, and more. Each vehicle’s measurements are unique, so accuracy is essential.

Cutting-Edge Tools

At Rick’s Auto Repair we use the latest tools to keep your car running stronger for longer. Once we put the car on the lift and raise it high to the sky, we can get a clear understanding of how your wheels are positioned. From there, we will use tools that clamp onto each wheel to get accurate measurements.

These clamps, called heads, feature a camera unit, LEDs, and a precision reflector. The camera communicates the positioning of one wheel in reference to the others. The computer within the clamp will then send us detailed results to create a display that we can use during the service process. The LEDs and reflectors are used to get precise measurements so we can make the proper corrections.

High-Quality Wheel Alignments in Pennsylvania

If your car is crooked, set it straight! Call the auto repair specialists at Rick’s Auto Repair in Marcus Hook, PA, to book your wheel alignment service appointment. Our specialists will keep your car optimally functioning while boosting your driving enjoyment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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